Nov 13, 2013

Memories Need to Be Captured with Photography

posted by crystal_clear

I first heard about Jaxson through Aaron at Happy Belly Bakery. They were fundraising to help Jaxson’s family make the trip to Toronto to get a bone marrow transplant. Yes this beautiful one year old boy has Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). He was recently diagnose and when I heard this news my heart sank so far down it wasn’t even funny. The reason for this was that I know exactly what they are going through… My brother’s little boy was born when AML and it shook our family so hard. It was very painful to watch a newborn baby go through this when you can’t do anything about it. Unfortunately after 5 months of battle Daniel passed away in his mom and dad’s arms.

So being through this myself, I knew how important it is to have pictures because life is precious and memories need to be captured with photos. So I reached out to the Slade family and offered up my services for free so they would have these special memories on a beautiful fall day with their two boys. I hope you enjoy and keep Jaxson is your hearts!

P.S. You can follow his journey through Facebook at Jaxson’s Journey with AML