Jan 2, 2014

Mt. Pearl Newfoundland Family and Portrait Photographer

posted by crystal_clear

I have to say that I have been very busy this summer and fall with wedding and photo shoots. Because of this I have been very behind on my blogging and now have the time to start up again. These blogs won’t be in order but I will get everyones up.

I had a contest on my Facebook Page a while back and Adrienne entered to win a free family / portrait session with me. Well needless to say she won! So Adrienne and her family join me on a little pathway in Mt. Pearl (just off Brookfield Rd) for some amazing fall photos. Their little girl was so sweet you could squish her cheeks! Adrienne you have a beautiful family and I’m very happy that I got to meet you and take your family’s fall photos. What a day we had playing in the leaves! enjoy

Fall family photo shoot

St. John's Portrait Photographer

Family Photography in Mt. Pearl

Newfoundland Family Photographer

Mt. Pearl Family Photographer

St. John's Family Photography